Mayrhofer H., Konrad L.-M., Prettner M., Seifter K. & Bilovitz
Phyton Vol. 58/Fasc.1 E-Book
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erschienen 10.10.2018
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The forthcoming issue will be devoted to a catalogue of lichens known from Croatia.

The lichens of Croatia
Mayrhofer H., Konrad L.-M., Prettner M., Seifter K. & Bilovitz P. O. 2018.

The present study is based on a comprehensive evaluation of 447 publications concerning Croatia.
1116 taxa (1085 species with 10 subspecies, 20 varieties, and 1 form) of lichens (lichenized fungi), 30 species of lichenicolous fungi, and 35 species of non-lichenized or doubtfully lichenized fungi are listed with their citations.
The bibliography comprises a diverse scope of papers, but mainly floristic and taxonomic treatments that cite specimens from Croatia, starting with the first lichens collected by the famous naturalist Pál Kitaibel during his “Iter Croaticum magnum” in 1802.
The genera and species within each genus are arranged alphabetically. For each taxon, the citations are given in chronological order. In the case of nomenclatural changes, citations are followed by the name used in the original publication in brackets.
Up to now, ten current checklists, catalogues or species lists dealing with the lichenized fungi of the Balkan Peninsula have been compiled by various authors, namely those of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia (FYROM), Montenegro, Serbia including Kosovo, Slovenia, and Turkey.
This paper is the final contribution to a general lichen biodiversity inventory of the Balkan Peninsula.