The state of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal diversity in India: an analysis

Manju M. Gupta, Nikhat S. Naqvi & Vinay K. Singh

Gupta M. M., Naqvi N. S. & Singh V. K. (2014) The state of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal diversity in India: an analysis. – Sydowia 66 (2) S. 265–288.


During the last few years there have been revolutionary changes in understanding of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi distribution, conservation and prospecting using computational databases and platforms. In the present study a searchable biodiversity database available at and is presented using MS access and visual basic applications (VBA). A consolidated region-wise distribution checklist of 148 species of AM fungi belonging to 21 genera of the phylum Glomeromycota is developed, which can be searched either species-wise or state-wise to retrieve information about latest consensus classification, type specimen description, apart from occurrence and abundance. We report Funneliformis mosseae to be the most widely distributed species of Glomeromycota in India, present in the largest number of states which is in dissent with earlier reports of Glomus fasciculatum and Glomus macrocarpum as the most widely distributed species. The genus Glomus is represented by the highest number of species followed by Acaulospora and Scutellospora. The states falling in the Western Ghats region, i.e. Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra, contain more than 68.9 % of total AM fungal species reported from India. Many important states of India especially Himachal Pradesh, North Eastern India which covers the region of Himalayas and Aravallis remain less represented. We hope that the checklist serves as a quick reference for knowing which Glomeromycota are expected at any Indian location and can be further used to fill gaps in world distribution maps of AMF apart from providing latest classification and quick links to the availability of monospore cultures and original species description.

Keywords: AM fungi, Glomeromycota, distribution, MS access, VBA programming, checklist, database.