Zamani u.a.
Phyton Vol. 49/1 E-Book S 105-115
Pyrus ghahremanii spec. nova and P. giffanica spec. nova (Rosaceae
Artikel Nr 2752
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In: Phyton, 49 Fasc. 1 (2009), S. 105-115 with 9 figures

Key words: Rosaceae, Maloideae, Pyrus ghahremanii spec. nova, Pyrus giffanica spec. nova. – Distribution, phenology, taxonomy. – Flora of Iran.


Zamani A., Attar F. & Joharchi M. R. 2009. Pyrus ghahremanii spec. nova and P.’giffanica spec. nova (Rosaceae-Maloideae) from Iran. – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 49(1): 105–115, with 9 figures.

In this paper, two new species namely Pyrus ghahremanii Attar & Zamani and P. giffanica Zamani & Attar belonging to Pyrus sect. Pashia Koehne and sect. Xeropyrenia Fedorov respectively, are described from Iran. The complete description of these species is provided on the basis of both flower and fruit materials of the same individuals, a morphological comparison of the species with their most closely related species, information on phenology and ecology, a distribution map, drawings of their fruits and flowers and finally photographs of their diagnostic characters are given. The main characteristics of P. ghahremanii are pyriform fruits on thick pedicels, of P. giffanica the leaves pilose only on the lower side and the appressed sepals of the fruit.