Delivorias u.a.
Sydowia Vol. 64/1 E-Book/S 19-27
A new species of Guepiniopsis (Dacrymycetes) from Greece
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P. Delivorias*, Z. Gonou-Zagou & E. Kapsanaki-Gotsi

University of Athens, Faculty of Biology, Department of Ecology and Systematics,
15784 Athens, Greece

Delivorias P., Gonou-Zagou Z., Kapsanaki-Gotsi E. (2012) A new species of Guepiniopsis (Dacrymy-cetes) from Greece. – Sydowia 64 (1): 19–27.

Guepiniopsis fulva sp. nov. is described from Greece, accompanied with taxonomic notes and a discus-sion on related taxa.
Keywords: Dacrymyces, Dacrymycetaceae, taxonomy.