Brullo et al
Phyton Vol. 53/1 E-Book S 169-183
Taxonomy of the Genus Bellardiochloa Chiov. (Poaceae-Pooideae) on
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In: Phyton, 53 Fasc. 1 (2013), S. 169-183, with 4 figures

Taxonomy of the Genus Bellardiochloa Chiov. (Poaceae-Pooideae) on Sicily

Key words: Gramineae, Poaceae, Pooideae, Bellardiochloa variegata subsp. variegata, Bellardiochloa variegata subsp. nebrodensis comb. et stat. nov., Bellardiochloa variegata subsp. aetnensis. – Chorology, ecology. – Nomenclature, systematics, taxonomy. – Flora of Sicily.


Brullo C., Brullo S., Giusso del Galdo G. & Sciandrello S. 2013. Taxonomy of the genus Bellardiochloa Chiov. (Poaceae-Pooideae) on Sicily. – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 53(1): 169–183, with 4 figures.

The small genus Bellardiochloa Chiov. (Poaceae) has intermediate features between Poa L. and Festuca L., but it is well differentiated both from a morphological and molecular viewpoint. In Sicily, Bellardiochloa is represented by two rather critical and yet not well investigated populations occurring on Mt. Etna and Madonie massif, respectively. Morphological and taxonomical studies together with nomenclatural considerations allowed to distinguish two morphologically well differentiated orophilous, vicarious taxa, which may be considered as subspecies of B. variegata (Lam.) Kerguélen. These are B. v. subsp. nebrodensis (Ascherson & Graebner) C. Brullo, S. Brullo, Giusso & Sciandrello comb. et stat. nov. from Madonie massif, and B. v. subsp. aetnensis (C. Presl) Giardina & Raimondo from Mt. Etna. Synonyms, descriptions, drawings of morphological details and distribution are provided for these taxa and also for B. v. subsp. variegata. In Greece only B. v. subsp. variegata occurs.