Szlachetko; Kolanowska
Phyton Vol. 53/1 E-Book S 1-6
A New Species of Cleistes (Orchidaceae-Vanilloideae) from Colombia
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In: Phyton, 53 Fasc. 1 (2013), S. 1-6, with 2 figures

Key words: Cleistes buenaventurae spec. nova, Orchidaceae, Vanilloideae. – Systematics, taxonomy. – Flora of Colombia.


Szlachetko D. L. & Kolanowska M. 2013. A new species of Cleistes (Orchidaceae-Vanilloideae) from Colombia. – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 53(1): 1–6, with 2 figures.

Cleistes buenaventurae Szlach. & Kolan. (Orchidaceae-Vanilloideae), a new species from the southern Pacific coast of Colombia, is described and illustrated. Its main characteristics are a relatively long lip, prominently longer than the other flower segments and the venation of the lamellae on the lip base. The affinities with the related species C. abdita G. A. Romero & Carnevali and C. rosea Lindl. are briefly discussed.