Evagelos Baliousis
Phyton Vol. 62/63 E-Book S 7-28
Floristic diversity of the National Park Schinias-Marathon ...
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In: Phyton 62-63 (2022): S. 7-28; DOI: 10.12905/0380.phyton62-63-2023-0007; Published online on 16 January 2023

Floristic diversity of the National Park Schinias-Marathon
(Sterea Ellas, Greece)

Evagelos Baliousis

with 1 figure and 2 tables

Key words: biodiversity, phytogeography, alien taxa, invasiveness, floristic dynamics, protected areas, National Park Schinias-Marathon, Attiki, Mediterranean.

Baliousis E. 2023. Floristic diversity of the National Park Schinias-Marathon (Sterea Ellas, Greece). – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 62–63: 7–28, with 1 figure and 2 tables.
This paper presents 630 specific and infraspecific taxa of the vascular flora of the National Park Schinias-Marathon, Sterea Ellas. For each taxon, local distribution and habitat types are presented. Morphological, chorological and ecological comments are included. Emphasis is given to the status of alien taxa. Euphorbia serpens is reported for the first time from the Greek mainland. Eclipta prostrata is the first record for the phytogeographical region of Sterea Ellas. Some of the new records concern interesting taxa from the chorological, ecological and/or taxonomical point of view, such as Allium chamaespathum, Anthemis werneri, Cirsium arvense, Cerastium glutinosum, Silene spinescens, Trifolium echinatum, Trifolium squamosum, Trigonella corniculata subsp. rechingeri and Orobanche litorea. The chorological analysis demonstrates the pronounced Mediterranean character of the area’s flora.