Kirschner et al
Sydowia Vol. 62/2 E-Book/S 225-241
A new species of Puttemansia (Tubeufiaceae, Pleosporales) and new
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Roland Kirschner*, Velkis Araúz**, Frederic Herbst*,
Tina A. Hofmann*/**, Sascha Ix*, Thomas Nozon* & Meike Piepenbring*/**

*Department of Mycology, Institute for Ecology, Evolution & Diversity,
Goethe-University, Siesmayerstr. 70, Bldg. B, 60323 Frankfurt, Germany,
Fax: +49 69 798 24822; E-mail:
**Escuela de Biología, Universidad Autónoma de Chiriquí, 0427, David,
Chiriquí, Panamá

Kirschner R., Araúz V., Herbst F., Hofmann T. A., Ix S., Nozon Th. & Piepenbring M. (2010) A new species of Puttemansia (Pleosporales) and new records of further Ascomycota from Panama. – Sydowia 62 (2): 225–241.

A species of Puttemansia was collected on bamboo leaves in Panama, where the fungus was probably parasitic on a leaf-inhabiting discomycete. Macroscopical characteristics are similar to those of Puttemansia albolanata, but ascospore appendages are more similar to those of Paranectriella species. Since the species from Panama differs additionally by the verruculose ornamentation of ascospore walls from all known species of Paranectriella and Puttemansia, it is proposed here as new. We present 33 additional species belonging to other orders of Ascomycota recorded for Panama for the first time, including new records for the American continent and new hosts. The family Perisporiopsidaceae E. Müll. & Arx is validated in order to replace Parodiopsidaceae based on Parodiopsis which is a synonym of Perisporiopsis and not in current use.
Keywords: Dothideomycetes, Meliolales, plant parasitic fungi, taxonomy.