Phyton Vol. 49/1 E-Book S 63-76
Taxonomic and Nomenclatural Revision of Centaurea subjacea (Astera
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In: Phyton, 49 Fasc. 1 (2009), S. 63-76 with 4 figures

Key words: Centaurea sect. Jacea, Centaurea × preissmannii, Centaurea subjacea, Centaurea stohlii. – Hybridisation, nomenclature, taxonomy, typification. – Flora of Central Europe.


Koutecký P. 2009. Taxonomic and nomenclatural revision of Centaurea subjacea (Asteraceae-Cardueae) and similar taxa. – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 49 (1): 63–76, with 4 figures.

Centaurea subjacea (Beck) Hayek has been recognised in specific or subspecific rank [C. jacea subsp. subjacea (Beck) Hyl.] in the majority of Central European floras since the beginning of 20th century. It is reported as similar to C. jacea, but differing from it especially in the regularly fimbriate margin of the appendages of the involucral bracts. However, the revision of Centaurea sect. Jacea (Mill.) DC. in Central Europe has shown that no such delimited taxon can be recognised. Material marked as C. subjacea by previous authors proved to include mainly various hybrids between C. jacea L. and other taxa of the section. The usual morphological delimitation of C. subjacea is in conflict with the protologue of the basionym. According to the protologue and the original material, C. subjacea is identical with C. ×preissmannii Hayek (C. jacea L. × C. macroptilon Borbás) and therefore preference is given here to the latter as binary name for this hybrid. The same holds for the putative hybrid C. jacea × C. subjacea (C. ×stiriaca Hayek). Another little known morphologically similar taxon is discussed, too: C. stohlii Hayek. Although described as non-hybrid, according to the original material it is a hybrid between C. jacea and some other (not identifiable) taxon of Centaurea sect. Jacea.