Zhang et al
Sydowia Vol. 63/Fasc. 1 E-Book/S 125-130
Zhang Y.D.et al: New species of Phaeodac
Artikel Nr 1798
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Zhang Y. D.*, Ma J.*, Ma L. G.*, Castañeda-Ruíz** R. F. & Zhang X. G.*

*Department of Plant Pathology, Shandong Agricultural University,
Taian, 271018, China
**Instituto de Investigaciones Fundamentales en Agricultura Tropical “Alejandro de Humboldt” (INIFAT), calle 1, esq. 2, Santiago de Las Vegas, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba C. P. 17200

Zhang Y. D., Ma J., Ma L. G., Castañeda-Ruíz R. F. & Zhang X. G. (2011) New species of Phaeodactylium and Neosporidesmium from China. – Sydowia 63 (1): 125–130.

Phaeodactylium cephalotaxi sp. nov. and Neosporidesmium micheliae sp. nov., found on dead branches of Cephalotaxus fortunei and Michelia maudiae, respectively, from the tropical forests of China, are described and illustrated. The former species is characterized by narrowly ellipsoidal to clavate, 2-septate conidia and the latter is distinguished by the scattered synnemata and obclavate conidia with 7–8-euseptate.
Keywords: anamorphic fungi, Taxonomy.