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Swarovski Crystal Worlds Wattens is internationally renowned as an exciting art and experience space. Recent conversion work has now revealed a wholly new aspect of the attraction – it is built on part of a rural estate from the Roman period! The archaeological excavation took place after a hoard of silver coins was found on the building site and this find is, of course, the focus of this richly illustrated brochure. There is also a first overview of the results of the archaeological project at Swarovski Crystal Worlds: The excavations revealed the remains of a Roman building and numerous finds from everyday life in ancient times. Concise chapters deal with the Roman history of the Inn valley, Roman building methods and the different categories of finds, including pottery, gold jewellery and bronze and bone objects, thus offering the interested public a fascinating introduction into the Roman history of the area.
This volume is available in an English version and as an e-book, which can downloaded free after purchase.