Yuan; Dai; Wu
Sydowia Vol. 64/1 E-Book/S 137-145
Two new species of Junghuhnia (Polyporales) from Taiwan and a key
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H. S. Yuan*, Y. C. Dai 1 & S. H. Wu**

*State Key Laboratory of Forest and Soil Ecology, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sci-ences, Shenyang 110164, People’s Republic of China
**Department of Botany, National Museum of Natural Science, Taichung, Taiwan 404, Republic of China

Yuan H. S., Dai Y. C., Wu S. H. (2012) Two new species of Junghuhnia (Polyporales) from Taiwan and a key to all species known worldwide of the genus. – Sydowia 64 (1): 137–145.

Junghuhnia taiwaniana and J. tropica are described as new species from tropical and subtropical Taiwan. The former has resupinate basidiomata with slightly fimbriate margins, bearing angular to irregular pores, and ellipsoid to subglobose basidiospores. The latter is characterized by having resupinate basidiomata, by the presence of both thin-walled encrusted cystidia and encrusted skeletocystidia, and fairly small basidiospores. Descriptions and line drawings of these two species are given. A key to the 26 species known worldwide of Junghuhnia is provided.
Keywords: Basidiomycota, lignicolous fungi, Meruliaceae, polypore, taxonomy