Szlachetko; Kolanowska
Phyton Vol. 55/1 E-Book S 121-130
Notes on the Generic Delimitation within the Brassia-alliance with
Artikel Nr 2643
Preis 6,60
In: Phyton 55, Fasc. 1 (2015): S. 121-130 with 2 figures DOI: 10.12905/0380.phyton55(1)2015-0121

Notes on the Generic Delimitation within the Brassia-alliance with Description of a New Mesospinidium Species (Orchidaceae-Vandoideae-Oncidieae) from Colombia
Key words: Mesospinidium medinae spec. nova, Ionopsidinae, Oncidiinae, Oncidieae, Vandoideae, Orchidaceae. – New species, systematics, taxonomy. – Flora of Colombia, neotropics.

Szlachetko D. L. & Kolanowska M. 2015. Notes on the generic delimitation within the Brassia-alliance with description of a new Mesospinidium species (Orchidaceae-Vandoideae-Oncidieae) from Colombia. – Phyton (Horn, Austria) 55 (1): 121–130, with 2 figures.


A discussion on the generic structure of the Brassia-alliance (Orchidaceae- Vandoideae-Oncidieae- Oncidiinae) is provided. The comparative morphology of the accepted genera included in this group is presented in a table (Ada Lindl., Brachtia Rchb. f., Brassia R. Br., Mesospinidium Rchb. f.). The new species Mesospinidium medinae Szlach. & Kolan. from the Colombian department of Putumayo is described and illustrated. The diagnostic characteristics (relative inflorescence length, lip shape and callus surface) and the taxonomic affinity of the new entity are briefly discussed.