Tangthirasunun et al. (2015)

Morphology and phylogeny of two appendaged genera of coelomycetes: Ciliochorella and Discosia

Narumon Tangthirasunun, Philippe Silar, Darbhe J. Bhat, Sajeewa S. N. Maharachchikumbura, Nalin N. Wijayawardene, Ali H. Bahkali & Kevin D. Hyde

Tangthirasunun N., Silar P., Bhat D. J., Maharachchikumbura S. S. N., Wijayawardene N. N., Bahkali A. H. & Hyde K. D. (2015) Morphology and phylogeny of appendaged genera of coelomycetes: Ciliochorella and Discosia. – Sydowia 67: 217–226


The taxonomy and phylogeny of the coelomycete genera Ciliochorella and Discosia which have appendaged conidia are examined in this paper. The phylogeny of taxa in Amphisphaeriaceae is reconstructed based on analysis of large subunit (28S) ribosomal DNA (LSU) sequence data. This analysis confirms that Ciliochorella and Discosia are members of Amphisphaeriaceae (Xylariales). A combination of morphological characters together with analysis of the β-Tubulin (TUB) gene region can be used to distinguish species in Discosia. In addition Ciliochorella mangiferae and Discosia brasiliensis are characterized morphologically.

Keywords: Appendaged spores, Coelomycetes, Amphisphaeriaceae, LSU, TUB.